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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Turn a photo into a canvas portrait!

Well...I was on and found this idea. It was instructions on how to take a portrait and turn it into an amazing portrait on cavas to hang on your wall.  It was so easy and I absolutely LOVED it. I can't wait to do more! (again--NOT my original idea)

What you need:

A canvas of any size. (I used 11x14...on sale 2 pk for 7.99 with a 50% off coupon = I paid $3.99!!)
A photo of your choice.  (I took my memory card and brought it to Walmart and printed an 11x14 poster size photo for $5.50--it was a color picture, but I chose to print in black and white)
Glue. (I tried tacky glue--but had to go back with super glue)
Mod Podge
Brush (I used a foam brush--got 20 for a $1 at Michaels)
Black Paint

What you do:

Ok,  first,  paint the edges of the canvas whatever you choose. I used black acrylic paint.  Then put the glue on the canvas and lay your photo down,  pressing gently to smooth out any bumps or bubbles and let dry a few minutes.  Next, check to see if there are any areas hanging over the edge that you need to trim. I did not but it may happen. Now take the modpodge and spread it liberally across the photo with the foam paint brush.  I spread the modge podge going in one direction--across the photo as opposed to up and down.  And it is OK to use a lot...remember, mod podge dries clear!  Now, of course let that dry. Once that is dry,  you can take a sponge, cloth, or another foam brush and apply the color of your choice,  I used black because it was a black and white photo--and dab the corners of the picture to blend it into the sides of the canvas.  The BEST part of this part is, since there is mod podge on the photo you virtually can NOT mess it up--if you put paint down and want to fix it,  simply wet a cloth and wipe it away! its that easy! And have a great portrait on canvas to hang on your wall!!

I was so impressed with this project and fell in love with making these. I made one for my sister for her birthday using a photo of my niece, Kourtney. 

Here is the photo I used....

This is the final product:

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